Friday 5 — 11.29.2013


Shopping on your mind today? Jeremaiah Owyang posted Ten Trends for the Progressive Retailer. Not sure how far “purpose beyond profits” will go, but some very interesting ideas here about how companies will use data about customers to reward behaviors, and the impact of sharing as a business model. Betaworks, the tech studio that brought us useful services like Chartbeat and bloglovin...

Let’s ditch the term m-commerce


It’s a sure thing — as soon as the temperature on the East Coast falls, Christmas carols fill the air and people begin to make predictions about retail performance over the holiday season. The term “Black Friday” originated around the early 1960s, and referred to the day after Thanksgiving when a large volume of retail shoppers made businesses’ ledgers “in the...

Friday 5 — 10.04.2013


Have fun playing with bitly’s new Real Time Media Map, which visualizes how content from different media outlets is being consumed across the U.S. As you can see from the drilldown above, we read a lot of The Onion here in Massachusetts. Next week Google Analytics opens its free, online Analytics Academy. Another example of MOOCs as the new marketing — and a great opportunity for anyone in...

Friday 5 — 9.20.2013


Upworthy, a curated service providing a “steady stream of important and irresistibly shareable stuff” received another $8M. Here’s the post. Irresistible stuff of a more tangible nature remains wildly popular at Pinterest, which now claims 70M users. Unsurprisingly, Pinterest announced ads are coming in the form of promoted pins. Measurement is beginning to catch up with the way...

Friday 5 — 08.30.2013


The New York Times put up an interactive feature on startups to watch. It’s an interesting list of new ideas (Myo) and mass eyeballs (WhatsApp), and a clean way to get reader feedback close to the content, like annotations. Nitpick: the design seems a little unnecessarily spare, and I’d like to be able to share each item rather than the whole story. Web analytics startup Parse.ly...

Email: definitely not dead yet


In 2011, email was not long for this world according to virtually all the tech headline writers out there. Three recent events are reminders that there’s still a lot of opportunity inherent to highly-measurable, easily-adjustable content delivered to you anywhere on your mobile device. Earlier this summer, Wired reminded us not to dismiss email given all the data-driven insight it provided...

Share of watch as new share of wallet


The term “attention economy” has been bandied around just about as long as the commercial internet — I found this Wired piece referring to attention as the new currency dating back to 1996. Last week, three separate events illustrated ways that products are trying not only to compete with each other for existing time, but also to create and capture new time for media consumption...

More than you wanted to know about your Facebook use, courtesy of Wolfram Alpha


It takes a curious mixture of narcissism, introspection, and discipline to engage in personal analytics on any level, much less dialed up to Feltronesque quantified self. This quick download of my Facebook activity since September 2010 confirms: I use words (189) more than pictures (47), and neglect video (1) almost entirely My friends are a bit more female (53%) than male (47%), hail from 24...

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