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I’m lucky that I love what I do — and have the chance to share with others and learn more along the way. Frequent topics include: digital transformation, product management, marketing content strategy, and women in leadership.

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  • DRIVE/ 2020: Fighting the internal filter bubble: how to interpret and communicate data for impact (March 25 – New Orleans / virtual)
  • Private event: Where marketing meets product-led growth  (April 22 – London / virtual)
  • WGBH: Digital 2020: Accelerating culture and tech (June 22 – Boston / virtual)
  • Insight Ignite: Marketing mid-pandemic (July 21 – NYC / virtual)


  • HBS Digital Initiative: Normative Defaults in an AI Era (April 4 – Cambridge)
  • Insight Venture Partners: Enabling Creativity at the Last Mile (April 11 – Reykjavik)
  • Aspen Institute Artist-Endowed Foundations: Digital Strategy (May 3 – NYC)
  • MarTech Conference: Martech Leaders Hit the C-Suite: How to Convey Value of Tech While Rising Above Tactics (September 17 – Boston)






Washington Post Live - Two generations on tech
Washington Post Live – Two generations on tech


  • 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum (Cambridge): Next Generation Social Technologies
  • Confab: The Content Strategy Conference (Atlanta): “Blurred Lines: Five Ways Digital Strategy Can Drive Excellence in Collaborative Content” [slides]
  • Future M (Boston): “MOOCs as New Marketing” [slides]
  • Kaltura Connect (New York): “Video Everywhere: Why it’s a cornerstone of an effective digital strategy”
  • MITX/TPN Digital Leaders (Boston): “Technology’s Impact on Engagement”


  • CIO Summit (Boston): “Game of Unknowns: Collaborating to Lead in a Digital World”
  • Social Media Marketing In Tertiary Ed (Melbourne, Australia): “How to stop worrying and learn to love social media”
  • Dachis Group Summit (New York): “Achieving Digital Reach”
  • UCAS Conference (London, England): “Navigating and Leading in a Digital World”
  • 2012 Women’s Leadership Forum (Boston): “Innovation in Action”


  • Specialized Information Publishers’ Association (Washington, D.C.): “Publishing Online: Aggregate to Amplify”
  • Digital Media 3.0 (Boston): “Media branding”
  • American Association of Universities (Washington, D.C.): “Untangling the social web: How social drives information sharing”
  • AO Foundation (Barcelona, Spain): “Digital Video”

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