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Friday 5 — 1.31.2014


新年快乐 — or, Happy New Year! Tencent’s WeChat has greeted the year of the horse by allowing users to send lucky money via mobile. This smart marketing move is aimed to inspire transaction among WeChat’s nearly 300 million global active users, and perhaps lure new users drawn by the feature. In another nod to the increasingly visual nature of social engagement, Twitter has released...

Digital in the DNA matters


More and more, it’s becoming apparent that digital publishing is its own thing, not an additional platform for established news companies. They can buy their way into it, but their historical advantages are often offset by legacy costs and bureaucracy. In digital media, technology is not a wingman, it is The Man.

Digital world and humanity


It is not enough to be passersby on the digital highways, simply “connected”; connections need to grow into true encounters. We cannot live apart, closed in on ourselves. … Media strategies do not ensure beauty, goodness and truth in communication. The world of media also has to be concerned with humanity, it too is called to show tenderness. The digital world can be an environment rich in...

Friday 5 — 1.24.2014


Google knowledge graph, which seeks to represent “real world things and their connections,” surfaces the relevant content you see on Google search results pages, like movie times. This week Google added to their results a short description of websites that are “widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough information to show.” There’s a lot of content...

If engineering managers should code 30% time, what’s a digital leader to do?


Should engineering managers responsible for teams and deliverables still continue to code 30% of their time? Eliot Horowitz, CTO and co-founder of Mongo DB, published a persuasive argument for bucking the accepted path of coder –> dev lead –> non-coding manager. Why? Horowitz points out that a manager who still codes will be more skilled in ensuring accurate estimates (in my...

Digital reality and updated strategy


What are the digital, social, and mobile norms today, and what’s on the horizon? A quick overview of current state and strategy:

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Friday 5 — 1.17.2014


There are now 3.2 billion compelling reasons to get excited about the internet of things: this week, Google acquired connected home device maker Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion in cash. In return, Google gets a jumpstart in hardware and an ace design team. Privacy concerns abound, of course. Trying to make sense of this week’s ruling on net neutrality? Read this, and start to use...

When does Sherlock start again?


Want a clunky way to figure out when the next season of Sherlock starts? Check out Google search trends for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Friday 5 — 1.10.2014


If you’re not shivering right now, perhaps you were at CES in Vegas this week. Among the loveliest of launches is Yahoo’s News Digest app, the fruit of its Summly acquisition a year ago. With this sleek app, Marissa Mayer is making good on her commitment to prioritize beautiful product. Yahoo is cleverly delivering not only well-designed mobile news, but the far more valuable...

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