Friday 5 — 1.17.2014

By General

  1. Nest thermostatThere are now 3.2 billion compelling reasons to get excited about the internet of things: this week, Google acquired connected home device maker Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion in cash. In return, Google gets a jumpstart in hardware and an ace design team. Privacy concerns abound, of course.
  2. Trying to make sense of this week’s ruling on net neutrality? Read this, and start to use preferenced as a verb. It’s an abstract concept for most people to grok, and a tough issue to get the general public get excited about — until it drives up the price of Netflix.
  3. Here’s a succinct piece on content principles for brands on social media. We try at Harvard to reinforce the principle of sticking to your guns on value and not falling prey to the endless RT ask.
  4. This HBR blog takes a stab at defining the endgame for social media in the enterprise. The third wave of individual use is here, and the onus is on the enterprise on finding ways to facilitate and empower connection.
  5. On a wider scale than social, how do organizations measure their progress in adopting digital practices? This MIT Sloan report (sign in for limited free access) looks at nine elements of digital transformation that distinguishes the organizations doing it best — and dubs them the Digerati.  

Weekend fun: Miss the Golden Globes last Sunday? No worries — relive it through the magic of animated GIFs.

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