Friday 5 — 3.10.2017


Luxury brands have not been early internet adopters — I can recall 1999 meetings with Neiman Marcus execs highly skeptical of the taint of technology. Today, brands are online en masse. Some craft a unique approach to user experience, while others contemplate direct sales via WhatsApp. There’s been endless analysis of the Snap IPO and its non-voting shares this past week. Employees...

Friday 5 — 3.11.2016


When are people on Facebook, Reddit, or Gmail? This data dive by Medium’s head of Product Science discovered that the times of day when people read tend to follow consistent patterns each week.  Design thinking has been all the rage for a while. It’s one thing to understand the overall concept, and yet another to change an organizational culture. This McKinsey interview examines ways...

Friday 5 — 11.27.2015


It’s been an odd, three-day work week on the interwebs. We had the #SlackDown maelstrom with an impressive social media save, fake Don DeLillo joined Twitter to announce a fake death, and then a real Jeff Bezos joined Twitter to announce a real disposable rocket launch. Go figure. In more substantive news: WordPress has disrupted itself, according to founder Matt Mullenweg. The WordPress...

Friday 5 — 5.9.2014


You likely don’t need a set of graphics and stark statistics to remind you how much work email has encroached on our personal lives. Also: thoughtful essay on how excessive corporate email promotes burnout rather than productivity. Email marketing is a staple of corporate and nonprofit outreach, but how do you get those overloaded recipients to open it? See these five tips for email subject...

Friday 5 — 11.15.2013


So, lots of talk this week about Snapchat turning down a 3B acquisition offer from Facebook. Was this a shrewd move, or an example of millennial entitlement run amok? Facebook’s 2012 purchase of Instagram for 1B is starting to look like it was a pretty good deal for a company concerned about its waning teen audience. And Google snapping up YouTube for 1.65B in stock back in 2006 now seems...

Friday 5 — 08.02.2013


Every Friday, find five quick links about compelling technologies, emerging trends, and interesting ideas. Source: the internet. Starbucks reported solid earnings, and pointed to the “demonstrable impact” of digital innovation. More than 10% of Starbucks transactions in the U.S. are made via mobile, and they’re installing wireless charging mats in more locations (which seems...

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