Friday 5 — 11.27.2015

By Friday Five

new wordpress admin interfaceIt’s been an odd, three-day work week on the interwebs. We had the #SlackDown maelstrom with an impressive social media save, fake Don DeLillo joined Twitter to announce a fake death, and then a real Jeff Bezos joined Twitter to announce a real disposable rocket launch. Go figure. In more substantive news:

  1. WordPress has disrupted itself, according to founder Matt Mullenweg. The product has been revamped to be faster, slicker, and open source — and to adopt some of the follow and recommend features of platisher Medium.
  2. A report on searching for work in the digital era reveals trends consistent with overall mobile and social behaviors. 53% of young adults have used a smartphone as part of the search, and 13% of social media users say information that they have posted on social media has helped them get a job.
  3. Messaging apps continue to surge, and according to Stephanie Newman, the real growth has only just begun. This article includes some helpful context setting, and a mindblowing average revenue per user number for WeChat.
  4. The tag #longread gets thrown around a lot, but it should definitely be applied to this monograph on the selfie. It’s a worthwhile deep dive into the history and culture of self portraits.
  5. Still thankful? It’s not too late to give to #ThanksgivingforSyria. This web app provides a clean interface to calculate the cost of your meal, and to donate half of that amount to a charity helping refugees.

Weekend fun: Enjoy the exploits of one of the internet’s most prolific trolls. Or let this Google Easter Egg take you back a long time ago to a galaxy far far away.

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