Friday 5 — 3.10.2017

By Friday Five

  1. Luxury brands have not been early internet adopters — I can recall 1999 meetings with Neiman Marcus execs highly skeptical of the taint of technology. Today, brands are online en masse. Some craft a unique approach to user experience, while others contemplate direct sales via WhatsApp.
  2. There’s been endless analysis of the Snap IPO and its non-voting shares this past week. Employees, like Evan Spiegel, got (paper) rich, and DJ Khaled did not. Facebook is rapidly cloning its features, so will the stock price hold?
  3. TIL that Dropbox has 27,000 messages in its interface. This article provides examples of compelling and effective microcopy, and explains why it matters in your digital product.
  4. There are some terrific insights about internet-enabled business models in Twitter, Live, and Luck. Ben Thompson observes that Twitter’s initial success may have prevented it from building a business that takes advantage of the internet’s unique capabilities, evolving like Amazon or Netflix.
  5. So long, elaborate copy-and-paste for your blog: sites (and sites with the Jetpack plugin) can now enjoy a handy new Google docs integration.

Weekend fun: Sometime the highest and best use of digital is pixel-perfect nostalgia, like this new Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera cartoon streaming service. Also, don’t let politics interfere with your personal brand on social media.

Consumed: Killer omelette at The Odeon.

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