Friday 5 — 08.02.2013

By General

Every Friday, find five quick links about compelling technologies, emerging trends, and interesting ideas. Source: the internet.

  1. Starbucks reported solid earnings, and pointed to the “demonstrable impact” of digital innovation. More than 10% of Starbucks transactions in the U.S. are made via mobile, and they’re installing wireless charging mats in more locations (which seems like the smartest loss leader ever).
  2. LinkedIn brought in a strong second quarter, and now boasts 238 million users worldwide. CEO attributed the results to accelerated member growth and strong engagement—and LinkedIn will likely continue to grow into new geographies and demographic profiles.
  3. WordPress continues its user-friendly march toward world domination, now powering 18.9% of the web according to Matt Mullenweg. I’ve seen how WordPress has weathered the transitions Mullenweg mentions: from pure blog to blog/CMS, to app platform. It’s remarkable how the community has retained a strong commitment to user experience rare among open source projects.
  4. Business Insider released a summary of its new paid report on video growth. Social is an explosive driver of both production and distribution, and brands want in on the action.
  5. What does it look like when a brand jumps on the viral video bandwagon effectively? Watch The Camp Gyno to find out how clever startup Hello, Flo makes it look easy.

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