Friday 5 — 10.7.2016


Chatbots still have a long way to go, but Duolingo has identified a great application: bots for language learning. You might be embarrassed to try a new French word with a colleague, but a robot won’t judge. Not yet, anyway.  A recent release of the Facebook Messenger app has enabled end-to-end encryption, which is a fancy way of saying that the messages are indecipherable en route and only...

Friday 5 — 9.16.2016


Rather than say, “I think users want this feature,” a product manager should ask, “What outcome do you predict this feature will have?” Read more insights from co-VPs of Product (!) at Reddit. There’s a lot of information elegantly packed into the mobile screenshot above: this approach provides an outcome-focused frame for feature decisions. Instagram will soon allow...

Friday 5 — 4.10.2015


  The first round of many Apple Watch reviews are in — here’s my favorite one, although it’s derided capably here. Certainly no one is suggesting it’s a digital must-have, but most agree it packs a few canny features. (For the optimists: Pre-order here.) New Pew research covers teens’ 2015 use of social media and technology. A solid majority (73%) of U.S. teens now...

Friday 5 — 9.19.2014


Facebook is updating its News Feed, again. This set of changes focuses on putting more weight on trending topics, so your feed reflects more discussion of what’s going on right now. Now the recency of the likes and comments on posts will matter more, perhaps reducing the frequency of those odd moments when a friend’s heavily-liked wedding post resurfaces in your feed as they’re...

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