Friday 5 — 4.10.2015

By Friday Five

Apple Watch


  1. The first round of many Apple Watch reviews are in — here’s my favorite one, although it’s derided capably here. Certainly no one is suggesting it’s a digital must-have, but most agree it packs a few canny features. (For the optimists: Pre-order here.)
  2. New Pew research covers teens’ 2015 use of social media and technology. A solid majority (73%) of U.S. teens now has a smartphone, with predictable increase and shifts in mobile-accelerated social networking. Unsurprisingly, teens are constantly connected (92% report daily, and 24% admit “almost constantly”). The survey also reveals income-correlated disparities in access to technology, and different habits by gender.
  3. How are messaging apps evolving as the smartphone becomes the new social platform? Mobile messaging apps are different tactics, from leveraging the phone’s native capabilities to integrating more closely with mobile web browsing interactions. And now a mobile-first Facebook app has migrated to the desktop.
  4. Although nearly 50% of emails are opened on a smartphone, many emails are not yet fully optimized for mobile. This article explains ways fluid layouts and a testing protocol on actual mobile devices can make a difference.
  5. A modern workforce requires frequent, new technology adoption. This article offers useful suggestions for getting skeptical employees on board, including articulating the “why” and getting influencers on board.

Weekend fun: Email is just like driving a car — you’re convinced that you do a pretty good job at it, but everyone else is an moron. You might change your point of view when you watch these email offenses acted out.

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