Friday 5 — 11.18.2016


A Steam account and an HTC Vive headset will get you free access to Google Earth in virtual reality. Try out the experience on your laptop with locations like the Hoover Dam and Hong Kong Stadium at Google Earth VR. As someone who has stayed up far too late writing marketing copy for an app release, I’ll vouch for the value of this comprehensive app launch checklist. Pew’s latest...

Friday 5 — 2.20.2015


Consumer feedback is crucial in building a successful product. Understanding how and when to solicit it can make all the difference. Read and learn from these 5 mistakes we all make with product feedback. Marketing is now in the experience business. In a digital era, marketers need to invest in user experience as a critical competency, and embrace agile methodologies to compete. This interview...

Friday 5 — 9.12.2014


When Spotify bought music intelligence platform Echo Nest, they gained access to a trove of data, and a smart team of people who could optimize curation. A new Spotify Insights blog focuses on telling scientifically-driven stories about music. This first post takes a look at how music migrates, and the varying musical influence of cities around the world. The options for publishing your content...

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