Friday 5 — 2.20.2015

By Friday Five


  1. Consumer feedback is crucial in building a successful product. Understanding how and when to solicit it can make all the difference. Read and learn from these 5 mistakes we all make with product feedback.
  2. Marketing is now in the experience business. In a digital era, marketers need to invest in user experience as a critical competency, and embrace agile methodologies to compete. This interview explains why “Lean Product Design Is The New Marketing.”
  3. How has the role of design evolved over time? Design agencies today have the opportunity to change not only customer behaviors, but the behaviors of the client companies. Read how one design firm develops a culture of collaboration that drives results.
  4. Should scientists take an active role in public policy debates about issues related to science and technology? 87% of 3,748 scientists surveyed think so. New research from Pew reveals how this translates into increasingly social behavior.
  5. Everyone is going mobile — The New York Times is changing its editorial processes to optimize for more than 50% mobile visitors, and others are even ditching their websites altogether. However, Flipboard is swimming against the tide by launching a full-featured website to better tie its web and mobile experiences.

Weekend fun: Gimmicky or apt? This week Modern Family chose to reflect the reality of contemporary familial communications with an episode called ‘Connection Lost.’ Related video: A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film.

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