Happy birthday, cherished LinkedIn professional acquaintance!


Whether you use LinkedIn on a laptop, the traditional mobile app or the new Connected app, you’ve no doubt encountered the LinkedIn birthday phenomenon. I don’t know how well LinkedIn thought this user experience through, but here’s how it plays out in practice. Remember that slightly sweaty but affable guy you sat next to at Dreamforce back in 2004? And that you talked about CRM and found out...

How to use Twitter correctly


Twitter is dead — user growth is flat, its stock this week tumbled below the $40 mark, and the Atlantic has delivered a wistful eulogy. But just in time for the wake, here’s a handy guide to excruciatingly correct Twitter usage, kicked off by the team at bowery.io:


IFTTT for the future


Many people in the tech community rely on a canny service called IFTTT. Short for If This, Then That, the service automates conditional statements in our day-to-day lives. For example, if I go the the gym and check in on Foursquare via smartphone, then IFTTT records a workout on my Jawbone Up. These conditional statement “recipes”, a word I am familiar with only from binge-watching Breaking Bad...

Exploring Chinese internet censorship


Lots of interesting thinking in Cambridge in the last few weeks about internet censorship in China. For those of you who missed it, last Monday, June 4 marked the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and spurred online discussion about what was and wasn’t clearing the censors. Back in May, Nieman Lab reported on what could be deduced about censorship by analyzing the posts deleted...

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