Friday 5 — 1.24.2014


Google knowledge graph, which seeks to represent “real world things and their connections,” surfaces the relevant content you see on Google search results pages, like movie times. This week Google added to their results a short description of websites that are “widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough information to show.” There’s a lot of content...

.nyc enters the domain name fray

Just over a year ago, I wrote a couple of posts about generic top level domains (gTLDS) — what people were applying for, and the risks of domain expansion. Last week Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced .nyc, a top level domain the city will make available only to NYC-based businesses and residents. The theory is that a high-rent, sought-after internet domain is a brand benefit, and an...

Risks of new ICANN gTLDs


[W]hat if the name was created by an open source community, without the financial resources to mount a challenge? I have some standing there, because I played a role in establishing blogs. How does Google get the right to capture all the goodwill generated in the word blog?
Dave Winer quoted in Giga Om on the risks inherent to corporate use of generic words in new ICANN gTLDs

Let the bidding begin: new gTLDs visualized


Today’s the big reveal for who applied for a new gTLD. Looks like brands went for proprietary names: Barclaycard, XEROX (really?) and nominal nonprofit AARP, and some of the more compelling generics. Above is the list of English language gTLD applications visualized with wordle. The larger words indicate where there are multiple applicants, which results in bidding — good luck to those vying for ...

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