Friday 5 — 3.4.2016


My mild obsession with work hacks is gratified by this list of 32 of the best productivity tools. I’ve also observed that my habits have changed over time — I use overarching to-do and project management apps like Evernote less, and little tools like Momentum more. When might it make sense to have a digital alter ego rather than share your real identity. This Berkman Center podcast...

HUBweek moments


HUBweek 2015 is a wrap. 46,000 people took part in this weeklong celebration of the work and impact at the intersection of art, science, and technology in Greater Boston. The festival was co-founded by Harvard, MIT, MGH, and the Boston Globe, and benefited from creative collaborators from dozens of institutions across the region. A few of my favorite moments: “Who you are; who parents think...

Digital Problem Solving at the Berkman Center


One of the best parts about working in digital strategy is that you’re surrounded by compelling and unsolved problems. [tl;dr for current Harvard students: we want to figure some out — sign up here.] The commercial web and email have been widely adopted for only about 20 years, so individuals and organizations are still figuring out ways to be and to interact online. In organizational...

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