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HUBweek 2015 is a wrap. 46,000 people took part in this weeklong celebration of the work and impact at the intersection of art, science, and technology in Greater Boston. The festival was co-founded by Harvard, MIT, MGH, and the Boston Globe, and benefited from creative collaborators from dozens of institutions across the region.

A few of my favorite moments:

“Who you are; who parents think you are; who your computer thinks you are can be three totally separate people.”

Alexis Wilkinson on the role of technology in our lives at Fenway Forum [video]

“We live in the Golden Age of surveillance, where law can subvert technology and technology can subvert law … the most intimate surveillance device I have is my cell phone.”

Bruce Schneier, presenting on The Future of Privacy and Security in a Big Data World

“Metadata isn’t neutral.”

Andromeda Yelton, sharing big ideas and practical truths in Libraries: The Next Generation [liveblog by David Weinberger] [video]

“Narrative of podcast can be as technology, business, or the art form – and the most interesting is the art form.”

Benjamen Walker, in State of the Podcast 2015 [video]

Below are selected images from the week — find more on the HUBweek Instagram account, or stay tuned for HUBweek 2016.


Chris Shipley kicks off SOLVE conference at MIT

Perry Hewitt Hugo Van Vuuren and MIT cheetah

Making robotics fly in Harvard Stadium with Hugo Van Vuuren

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