Friday 5 — 3.4.2016

By Friday Five


  1. My mild obsession with work hacks is gratified by this list of 32 of the best productivity tools. I’ve also observed that my habits have changed over time — I use overarching to-do and project management apps like Evernote less, and little tools like Momentum more.
  2. When might it make sense to have a digital alter ego rather than share your real identity. This Berkman Center podcast shares stories of people who maintained secret identities on the web. 
  3. If key emoji doesn’t immediately resonate for you, you’re probably not engaging with DJ Khaled on Snapchat. AKA, you are old. Bloomberg analyzes how Snapchat built a multibillion dollar business by confusing olds.
  4. Faced with the shifting demands of a digital era, organizations are forming new work processes and teams. Google recently revealed its own findings about what makes a high-functioning team. Sharing air time in meetings and understanding social cues figured prominently as common threads among successful teams. Quartz sums it up more succinctly — be nice.
  5. The bloom is off the rose for some with Slack — rather than kill email, it’s escalating the number of messaging inputs. This won’t get any better as Slack rolls out voice calling.

Weekend fun: Last week we had Boston natives bashing a humanoid robot with a hockey stick — this week, a velociraptor checks you in a a robot hotel in Japan. But if that’s all too much, here’s a human making music, with an assist from 2,000 marbles.

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