Friday 5 — 12.23.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Do you have 49 other people you’d like to video chat with over the holidays? Facebook Messenger can help you out, with up to six people streamed simultaneously, and up to 50 in a carousel-style display.
  2. Remember the good old days when digital experience meant only an html webpage? Scott Brinker explains how digital proliferation — from chatbots to augmented reality to wearables — transforms the role of marketing to embrace digital everything, and provides three specific recommendations.
  3. User experience is too often tackled department by department in the enterprise. This article provides a framework and concrete steps for crafting an enterprise-wide UX strategy.
  4. I didn’t use voice as a dominant interface much until someone gave me an Alexa. Now it seems obvious that voice is the next big platform, and that Alexa will own it. See also this Alexa shout-out in the best interfaces of 2016.
  5. The New Year brings new resolutions for many of us. If you are looking to pare down in 2017, delete these 12 apps to minimize distraction and spending.

Weekend fun: The internet creates fun, new data sets, like trends in online flirting in 2016. Hoping all your packages arrive on time? Track them with this Christmas tree ornament.

Have a wonderful holiday. Friday 5 will be back from vacation on Friday, January 7.

Consumed: Shishito peppers for days at the Mermaid Oyster Bar [pdf menu].

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