Friday 5 — 12.16.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Google released its 2016 year in search, with a pretty nifty user experience. Pokémon Go was the top term globally, but you can explore by type of search as well as other facets like geography and volume. Handy eye candy as the search engine comes under fire for some terrible fake news results.
  2. This week in live video: now you can video call on Slack, including group features, and livestream directly from Twitter’s mobile app (no Periscope required).
  3. What makes for a delightful experience? Nice roundup of concrete interface aspects and the value of brand voice.
  4. Four business models for the digital age sorts opportunities into quadrants, and reminds us that the big play is in the ecosystem.
  5. Benedict Evans has updated his “Mobile is eating the world” deck — you can read the slides or watch the video with the talk track. What does it mean that we are moving from mobile-first to AI-first? (The New York Times is on it.)

Weekend fun: I was pleased to have mastered listening to WBUR on my Sonos, but you can spin this globe to listen to live radio anywhere in the world. For truly light entertainment, mix your favorite tweeps with tweetmashup.

Consumed: Sausage roll and bottom-shelf vodka shot for breakfast to celebrate the Arsenal win at The Blind Pig.

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