Friday 5 — 1.6.2017

By Friday Five

  1. Paul Ford gave online donations to 33 charities, and you won’t believe what happened next. Actually, you would — he found a number of opportunities to improve the user experience in online giving.
  2. The headlines remind us that artificial intelligence is coming, and we’re all at risk of losing our jobs to the machines. Consider these four factors when assessing the impact of AI on design jobs.
  3. Even if you can’t bear the thought of another 2016 roundup, don’t miss Ben Thompson on the state of tech, now that tech firms are the incumbent ripe for disruption. Who can resist a sentence that begins “There is a certain symmetry to Dollar Shave Club and Donald Trump”?
  4. The red envelope came online in 2012, but it was WeChat that turned social cash into a phenomenon. Read for lessons on marketing and community engagement tactics, as well as a great fast follower case study.
  5. Stay safe with these useful tips for using public wifi. Better yet, try not to use it.

Weekend fun: Explore a compelling interactive visualization of every line in Hamilton. Fuel for your dreams and/or nightmares: giant robot takes first steps with human on board.

Consumed: At the Bennett, a Madame George and a beet tartine — ideal on a rainy evening.

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