Friday 5 — 12.9.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Is Snapchat’s somewhat impenetrable experience design a feature and not a bug? Josh Elman explains the difference between intuitive design and shareable design. The latter reflects the deeply social nature of how humans learn, and capitalizes on people’s desires to learn and to teach.
  2. Just when I finally mastered NYC’s Whole Foods color-coded checkout lines, Amazon Go opened in Seattle: a new store with no checkout, no lines, and a lot of technology. There will be missteps on the way to brick and mortar, but its success with seamless Alexa makes me think this thing has legs. [video]
  3. What are the possible implications of cameras and computer vision in commerce and in the world? Benedict Evans explains.
  4. Not everything that matters can be measured — but maybe measuring design isn’t a terrible idea.
  5. For a couple of years now, Nuzzel has been my favorite tool for aggregating content shared by smart friends. And now they are testing a tool to filter up those friends top tweets.

Weekend fun: Pokemon Go is not dead yet: Sprint is sponsoring over ten thousand Pokestops, and Niantic has confirmed new Pokemon be released December 12. Perhaps the Pokemon proliferation distract you from this 80s hilarity, but I’m not optimistic.

Consumed: Way too much prosciutto and delicious branzino (which is Spanish either for European seabass or 40 bucks an entree) at Regional.

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