Friday 5 — 12.2.2016

By Friday Five

Thanks to the 200+ readers who filled in the survey. Great feedback on areas of digital to cover, and I am equally impressed that the most common write-in entry was for NYC food and drink recommendations — see below.

  1. Your experience of email is starting to look a lot like your experience of the web. Animation and interactivity are providing rich new email functionality for communications ranging from standard retail to product education. Read more about the email client changes and tools behind this gain.
  2. What does work look like in a digital age? McKinsey outlines seven characteristics of the new world of work. The shift from from salaried jobs to independent work (aka, the gig economy) is a well-known trend, but the observation of ecosystems more than companies as the new driver of employment is food for thought.
  3. Every feature a product manager builds is a prediction, according to this Intercom article, and it’s easy to be fearful of making a mistake. Read on to find out how to use targets as a tool for learning, and how to set a short-term target that the product manger can directly impact.
  4. As data-driven marketers, we use analytics to identify areas for website improvement. Nielsen Norman advises not to read too much into your bounce rate, but to focus on return visits instead.
  5. Scott Brinker is launching a five-part series on disruption to marketing, and the first is on digital transformation. Marketing’s role in digital transformation has led to a growth in scope, particularly at the intersection of product and marketing — now marketers can choose their focus going forward.

Weekend fun: Thanks to the Verge for point out this never-ending hallway of Jake Gyllenhaal photos. Caveat clicker: You’ll either exit out immediately or be lost for hours.

Consumed: A fabulous Cubano and hot dog at the Brooklyn Nets game Barclay Center. Apparently, I’m not the first to discover these.

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