Friday 5 — 11.20.2015

By Friday Five

Google Indexing Mobile Content

  1. Google just made a big improvement to finding in-app content on mobile. On Android devices, Google will now launch the app if you have it installed, or stream the content to you if you don’t. This is an important step forward in a world where 50% of all online time — not just mobile time — is spent in-app.
  2. After the  Paris attacks, Facebook launched “tragedy features” Safety Check and Temporary Profiles. Predictably, the features spurred mass adoption, and internet outrage and allegations of sympathy unevenly distributed. Wired examines the controversy; here’s Facebook’s subsequent response.
  3. McKinsey Insights addresses the importance of addressing customer journeys in digital transformation efforts. While the long term programs have to be in place, the article explains the value in short-term, pragmatic moves to meet customer expectations.
  4. Even in companies where digital innovation has transformed lines of business, certain ingrained set pieces like HR processes remain the same. Are your UX job searches yielding few or the wrong applicants? Try re-writing job descriptions to be more enticing; for example, by including challenges rather than requirements.
  5. The New York Times experimented with letting users follow a story — the Paris attacks — via email. While they’re not disclosing numbers, the experiment will provide the Times with valuable data on interest in and engagement with a topic. (I agree with Nicco Mele in HBR: with more than half of email opens on mobile, email is an effective tool for smartphone reach.)

Weekend fun: It’s Harvard-Yale this weekend: gear up with a new video about the team, or change your Facebook profile pic to reflect your Game Face. Whatever you do this weekend, be sure to keep your selfie stick pointed the right direction — results can be disastrous..

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