Friday 5 — 11.13.2015

By Friday Five

Facebook Friends

  1. Who are your top 9 — the people who appear in that mysterious box on your Facebook profile page? Turns out it’s not the people whom you stalk (or who stalk you). Instead, Facebook’s algorithm displays these people on your profile page as subtle encouragement for you to interact with them.
  2. Benedict Evans has a new post on mobile as the new scale ecosystem. As Android and iOS devices outsell personal computers 5:1 (and soon 10:1), these environments become the new center of gravity throughout computing. Fun fact: 50% of all online time (not mobile time) is now spent in apps — a number skewed by Facebook, but still amazing considering the smart phone is less than a decade old.
  3. How do you design your app for maximum growth? This comprehensive survey of best practices for growth and retention includes a deep dive into effective user onboarding.
  4. No UI is the new UI, brought to you by advances in technology. As we are able to interact more directly with computers, what is the purpose of a designed interface (and the fate of those who create them)? Read to learn about the emerging trend away from explicit UI, and how to avoid a mindset that creates a “technological tiller.”
  5. This post on data at the heart of sharing economy makes observations about how reputation is represented on (and across) online platforms. It includes some concrete suggestion on ways businesses can better use data to promote the right behavior.

Weekend fun: Frank Underwood or Hannibal Lecter? Walter White or Piper Chapman? Now there’s a bracket for bingewatchers to determine the worst character on television. If you prefer to focus on heroes rather than villains, watch every Easter egg in Spectre, the new James Bond film.

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