Friday 5 — 11.4.2016

By Friday Five

  1. LinkedIn is putting user data to work with a new Salary tool, now included with Premium membership. LinkedIn Salary provides filters like industry, location, and title, as well additional compensation elements like signing bonus. If you’re convinced you’re underpaid, use this newfound information symmetry to make the case.
  2. Harvard Business School profs figured out why you dropped your iPhone 6 in the toilet the week the iPhone 7 was announced. Apparently the constant stream of new products is making us all careless.
  3. Recent email hacks have been a case study in worst practices: passwords emailed freely, shared with assistants. Password manager services can improve your odds of staying secure. Now there’s no excuse not to make the switch: LastPass has moved to free model.
  4. Microsoft Teams launches to go head-to-head with Slack in messaging and collaboration, clearly hoping to build network effects through all those Office 365 users. Does a full-page ad in the New York Times tweak Microsoft, or just reek of fear?
  5. Benedict Evans points out that it might be time to evolve from mobile-first to mobile-native. With the increased functionality and global prevalence of the smartphone, can companies now build businesses that omit the PC and low-end featurephone entirely? Facebook’s announcement of one billion mobile-only users seem to bolster his hypothesis.

Weekend fun: New emoji are coming, likely later this month, to bring ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to our pictogram lexicon. And you can feel less shy about communicating via emoji, now that MOMA has acquired the very first set for its collection.

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