Friday 5 — 10.28.2016

By Friday Five

  1. The microcopy in a user interface — the words that go on the buttons, appear in error messages, and guide you through wizards — is too often neglected or left for the developer to fill in. Nick Babich provides guidance on effective writing for your user interface.
  2. No more shopping for snake oil: the best search engine optimization comes from investing in great content and framing SEO as an acquisition tool. Read more SEO tips.
  3. Anyone trying to build an audience for a brand, product, or publication has experienced The Marketer’s Dilemma. We have more options to reach a target audience than ever before, but it’s never been more difficult to earn the attention and engagement. (My related read this weekend: The Content Trap)
  4. Want to alienate a large and growing audience? Here’s how to poison the mobile user. The not-tappable phone numbers drive me insane.
  5. You may not be cool enough for the unmarked speakeasy or the bodega that is actually a front for sneakerheads — but you can master the secret Giphy commands for Slack.

Weekend fun: RIP Vine, home of six-second snippets of creativity like duck army. There are many compilations out there, and an explanation of why Vine was great for sports.

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