Friday 5 — 8.21.2015

By Friday Five

  1. A new report from Pew delves into mobile messaging for the first time, and updates social media trends. Mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat continue to grow, with 49% adoption among 18-29 year old internet users. Also of note: 59% of Instagram users reported using the app daily,and 35% several times per heart gif
  2. Giphy doubles down on its bet that GIFs will grow as a popular communication tool with the launch of its new iOS app, GiphyCam. GiphyCam simplifies the creation of GIFs so you can put yourself (or your pet) in the picture.
  3. There’s increased attention paid to user experience design for products, but a risk that these efforts are undertaken screen-by-screen. Here’s a compelling, in-depth explanation of why and how you should shift your thinking from a deliverables-driven to platform-based approach to user experience design.
  4. Still trying to tell your Bitcoin from your blockchain? The Berkman Center has you covered with a podcast demystifying digital currency and its implications.
  5. Slack has plans for its customizable robot Slackbot well beyond jokey remarks and useful reminders. Stewart Butterfield explains how Slackbot will become more useful as a meaningful personal assistant to team members, as well as a repository for organizational knowledge.

Weekend fun: Emojis are at least partially responsible for the decline of LOLers. This emoji usage map lets you track regional variability in emoji use, and confirms that Massachusetts natives are obsessed with modes of transportation. I have no theory re: the hatching chick. emoji used in Massachusetts

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