Friday 5 — 8.7.2015

By Friday Five

munchery app interface

  1. Smaller color palettes, large fonts, and meaningful microinteractions are among the trends highlighted in this article on the current state of mobile UI/UX.
  2. A recent Pew report highlights ways video games, social media, and mobile phones play a role in teens’ friendships. Interesting findings include: Boys are more likely than girls to make online friends: 61% of boys compared to 52% of girls. And video games play a critical role in the development and maintenance of boys’ friendships.
  3. Highly visual content gets more clicks and, done right, can boost the power of your storytelling. Here’s some practical advice on how to set up an image creation workflow for blog or social posts.
  4. Voice and text messaging apps are emerging as dominant social networks, and as important traffic drivers. Read a16z’s primer on WeChat to understand how the Chinese app with over 500M monthly users is moving beyond messaging to take on commerce and the physical world.
  5. We’re a long way from the web’s early days, where “hot or not” style quizzes were primarily time-wasting diversions. Interactive content reached a legitimacy milestone a few weeks back when the New York Times homepage featured a substantive interactive assessment tool — and this progression has implications for both media and marketing.

Weekend fun: Celebrate the power of the hashtag to illuminate the pitfalls in the pursuit of science: check out these field research failures, like gluing yourself to a live crocodile.

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