Friday 5 — 4.17.2015

By Friday Five


  1. Apps without an interface provide services to users through native mobile capabilities. For example, Magic lets you text a number to order whatever you like without hassle, while Digit monitors your bank account activity and automates your savings.
  2. Looking for all the narcissism potential of Facebook with the quick-hit guilty pleasure of Giphy? Try Kong, a social network consisting solely of animated GIF selfies. Bring your best ridiculous expressions.
  3. The Dao of Web Design captured tensions between print and web design, and presaged similar battles over control and process that have typified digital creation since. Web design leaders share their perspectives on the seminal essay 15 years later.
  4. Here’s a good collection and detailed explanation of hidden gems in Google Analytics. My favorites? A shortcut to let you save preferred views, and custom alerts you can set up to email or text you.
  5. 97% of us worry about how governments and corporations are using data about us as individuals and consumers. This article looks at three kinds of customer data: self-reported, data exhaust (browsing history, etc.), and profiling data created about us, and makes the case for developing enlightened data principles to build customer trust.

Weekend fun: Attention Star Wars fans out there — once you are finished watching the trailer and reading this shot-by-shot reaction post, you can add Star Wars emojis to your tweets. I’m definitely finding a way to work Monday morning stormtroopers into the tweet rotation.

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