Friday 5 — 4.14.2017

By Friday Five

  1. Facebook’s AI assistant, M, is now rolling out in Messenger with features like sticker, polls, and payment. While some are underwhelmed, others see this start with a limited number of functions as a step to broader AI capabilities.
  2. Poor usability affects everyone, but it disadvantages older adults in particular. This excerpt from a new book offers guidelines and considerations when designing for this large and growing population.
  3. Benedict Evans offers some terrific insights into current state of and prospects for augmented reality. We’re close to the availability of less bulky, lower-cost AR options, with devices that have awareness of your surroundings and can insert objects and data. The level of adoption — will it be more like a smart watch or a smart phone? — remains to be seen.
  4. Was art class the bane of your existence? Then Google’s new AutoDraw web-based tool might be right for you. It allows you to draw freehand, but guesses where you might be headed and provides clickable cheats. Try it.
  5. Visual feedback, microcopy, and white space are all effective ways to provide cues to the users of your digital product. Seemingly minor details done right build confidence in users — and vastly improve overall impression of your product.

Weekend fun: OK, so Burger King tried to get your Google Home to tell you about the Whopper, and naturally some Wikipedia editing shenanigans were involved. Life imitates art, or at least the xkcd featured here last week.

Consumed: No apology for enjoying bangers and mash at the Coach and Horses in Harrogate.


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