Friday 5 — 4.21.2017

By Friday Five

  1. No one needs the embarrassment of a notification popping up at the wrong time — or on the wrong device. Wired explains how to find out where you’re signed into iMessage, set up two-factor, and turn off messaging where needed.
  2. Bloomberg’s new Lens app provides a handy overlay of contextual information about people and companies. You can try it as a Chrome extension or an iOS app.
  3. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for United with grievous bodily harm, non-apologies, and even a scorpion. Turns out their mobile app onboarding is no better — read this terrific step-by-step takedown to see corporate marketing running roughshod over user experience.
  4. Google Maps for iOS now has the Timeline feature, letting you re-trace your steps from past trips taken. You can turn off location storage if this creeps you out, but your gmail probably knows where you are, anyway.
  5. There’s a reason I believe in management by walking around: a face-to-face request is 34 times more likely to be successful than via email.

Weekend fun: Meddlers everywhere, rejoice! Wingman is a new dating app that lets a trusted friend choose the right match for you.

Consumed: Hard to beat the home-cooked Easter ham enjoyed with friends, but a worthy attempt with some great pecan duck at The Dutch.

Planned obsolescence: Next week will be the final edition of this Friday 5 newsletter (or at least this incarnation of it!), as I take a deep dive into a couple of projects. Thanks for all your feedback, corrections, and comments.

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