Friday 5 — 4.7.2017

By Friday Five

  1. YouTube TV has launched in select U.S. cities. Despite a relatively slim initial offering, the mobile-first sensibility and shared accounts seem designed to on-board millennials, and a way for the platform to build relationships with — and gather data on — its massive user base.
  2. In a world of specious and incomprehensible data visualization, this article pinpoints where and how these interactive experiences make sense. Savvy creators acknowledge the all-important factor of time cost, and prioritize audience value over interaction minutia.
  3. Amazon Cash now lets you shop the site without a bank card. This is a great illustration of another way digital capabilities can solve industry challenges, like providing services to the unbanked.
  4. There’s little more infuriating than a murky, multi-step email unsubscribe process. Avinash Kaushik offers two case studies in what not to do, and one example of surprise and delight.
  5. Do you understand the difference between vanity metrics and clarity metrics? Lloyd Tabb explains why it’s important to capture metrics that provide directional insight rather than empty validation. Tabb advises looking hard at your service’s failure rates including the poison rate, when customers have such a terrible first experience that they don’t return.

Weekend fun: Not only did I fall for this delightful Petlexa prank, I probably would have bought it.

Consumed: Highly recommend the Blue Points with caviar and vodka at Lure Fishbar.


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