Friday 5 — 3.27.2015

By Friday Five


  1. We are all generating a lot of data, and are attempting to serve it up in meaningful charts. This post addresses four ways charts can focus less on their appearance, and more on delivering relevant answers and insights.
  2. “Beautiful, terrible, and addictive” Twitter has turned nine. Today, it’s a critical source for breaking news with one billion tweets sent every two days. Twitter is still struggling grow its active user base beyond news junkies and early adopters, while managing the noise factor to keep the community hospitable to all.
  3. UX for the enterprise is a complicated beast, involving prioritizing the end user over the client, learning to speak the local language, and ninja-level flexibility. But embrace these challenges, and there are interesting problems to be solved.
  4. The mobile video revolution is upon us — as of Q4 2014 mobile video viewership was up over 20% year over year. Less expensive data plans, larger screens, social distribution, and smartphone adoption are all drivers of this trend. And it’s not all consumption: mobile livestreaming apps like Meerkat or Periscope are taking off.
  5. Instagram launched Layout, a standalone app for making collages. Instagram addicts may also want to check out this  comprehensive Product Hunt list of useful apps and services.

Weekend fun:
Tinder hacks are the new rickroll, as evidenced by marketers breaking hearts at SXSW and some evil genius making hundreds of guys unwittingly flirt with each other. I guess it’s all a bit too much for this dog trying to catch a burger — or anything else, for that matter.

Next week, Friday 5 is taking a break to enjoy April in Paris. Check out this collection of cool French products until the April 10 edition.

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