Friday 5 — 3.24.2017

By Friday Five

  1. YouTube has released an AI-powered emotion engine that helps video creators, aka influencers, understand which elements are most and least effective. YouFirst shows the video to a segment of the creator’s audience, uses facial recognition to identify the “power moments” that resonate, and can even tell you which groups of people enjoyed different parts of the content.
  2. Anyone remember when building a website meant hiring a webmaster and writing a million dollar check for servers? Now there’s Universe, a mobile-only tool that lets you set up a website in under a minute.
  3. Read this useful summary of how to get the most out of Google Maps. I’ve noticed that the “explore” button has been getting a lot better lately. Another new fun/creepy feature: share your location with others.
  4. In many enterprise organizations, there’s been a rapid proliferation of social media accounts. Prophet explains how to kill the social media accounts you no longer need.
  5. NiemanLab reports that people trust news based on who shared it, not who published it. This underscores the need for news organizations and brands to consider their audience as social ambassadors and invest in building strong communities.

Weekend fun: How to use the phone privately in an open office setting and scare the life out of your co-workers. Also, a useful test for sniffing out voice-activated devices.

Consumed: Upgraded from Palestra hot dogs to phenomenal fried chicken and biscuits at Bubby’s.

Spring break: Skipping March 31 and back on track April 7. Until then, don’t talk to strangers.

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