Friday 5 — 3.25.2016

By Friday Five

  1. Scott Brinker has released the 2016 marketing technology landscape diagram, mapping  3,874 solutions into six capability categories (shows above). The slide shows that “one platform to rule them all” has not yet emerged — middleware is enabling greater integration among them.
  2. When building a digital product, it’s easy for teams from marketing to development to get atomized and hyper-focused on local goals. This chapter from The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products that People Love offers guidance on storymapping tactics to get everyone aligned, and to achieve a great end result.
  3. A new Pew report explores U.S. adults habits around personal and professional lifelong learning. How lifelong learning correlates with educational attainment and household income was not surprising. But 80% of adults having “not much awareness” of MOOCs was higher than I might have imagined.
  4. Losing your phone is more than an inconvenience — it’s a potential security disaster. Ashley Carman shares lessons learned in her Mexican phone theft nightmare, as well as specific tips for us all. (#1 – Use a password manager.)
  5. If you were working in tech in the Internet 1.0 era, you probably know that the pornography industry was instrumental in driving the video serving technology  that made all video online possible. This week PornHub launched a new virtual reality (VR) channel to spur adoption, which will presumably in turn drive demand for more robust and lower cost VR infrastructure.

Weekend fun: In tamer video news, four sets of identical twins played a time travel prank on a New York subway. Mildly related: XKCD serves up the perils of estimating time.

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