Friday 5 — 3.18.2016

By Friday Five


  1. Instagram tells us that we see only 30% of our feeds, and that their imminent algorithmic intervention will make that 30% the best it can be. Rendering posts out of temporal order clearly passes muster with Pope Francis, who is making his Instagram debut tomorrow, March 19th.
  2. You may have heard that a Google AI program, AlphaGo, beat a human Go champion in a best of five series. And have been amazed that the program largely taught itself how to play. In related news, Gizmodo claims that everything you know about AI is wrong.
  3. After you build and launch your app, be sure to optimize how it appears in the app store. Here’s a useful ten-point checklist.
  4. Julie Zhuo shares eight unintuitive lessons on being a designer. She offers some terrific insights about the value of brute force, the need to develop your eye, and communication skill as a 2x multiplier on a designer’s effectiveness.
  5. Conversational interfaces, like that in the Quartz app launched in February, are cropping up all over. Tomaž Štolfa offers some historical context, and asserts that the future of conversational UI belongs to hybrid interfaces.

Weekend fun:  Obama is making the rounds these days — the prerogative of a two-term president — and even ventured to SXSW. But the ultimate presidential drop the mic moment was Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyling in the Rose Garden. This week’s must follow social account: a man and his ten-foot dog.

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