Friday 5 — 3.17.2017

By Friday Five

  1. John Maeda and team released the 2017 Design in Tech report. Observations include lessons from Chinese design tech principles and practices; the value of inclusive design; and writing as a must-have skill.
  2. The early promise of social media as proxy for inclination to purchase has not been realized. HBR explores the marketing value of social media, and highlights ways marketers can gain customer intelligence and make the most of engaged customer endorsements to drive results.
  3. Watch out for a new, ingenious phishing scam making the rounds on gmail. Related: tools to protect your digital identity.
  4. Worried about what your kids are accessing on their mobile devices? Google has released Family Link, a way to manage the apps, limit amount of screentime, and even enforce a bedtime on your child’s phone. (Android devices required)
  5. It’s not easy to change your logo, especially in an era of social media. Michael Bierut looks at beloved and despised logo redesigns.

Weekend fun: Up your poetry intake with this New Yorker poetry chatbot, which will send you a poem daily on Twitter or Facebook Messenger. Or enjoy this delightful rant about password rules, complete with many painful examples.

Consumed: Missed the barbecue at SXSW this year, and consoled myself with worst hotdogs ever at the Palestra.

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