Friday 5 — 2.26.2016

By Friday Five

snapchat filters

  1. Snapchat now allows users to design and submit their own geofilters — overlays that appear on snaps sent within a defined area and timeframe. Techcrunch explains how to make your own.,
  2. If you’re now perpetually wandering around with earbuds in, you’re likely spending some of that time listening to Spotify. But you may not know some of Spotify’s lesser-known, cool features, like re-producing your favorite album or finding obscure musical sub-genres through advanced search.
  3. A lot has been written about responsive work process, and how it can improve both team culture and product results. This Smashing Magazine article offers an especially clear and concise definition and approach, with relevant examples.
  4. Is your data visualization conveying what you think it does? This article explains the role and effect of various preattentive attributes, and provides a checklist to keep your data visualization on track.
  5. Chris Dixon outlines “What’s Next in Computing?” He provides a historical overview of recent gestation and growth phases in computing, as well as insights into technologies like drones and AI which are rapidly maturing in the marketplace.

Weekend fun: If 180lb walking robots are your jam, Boston Dynamics has just the video for you. I’m pretty sure the guy who pokes Atlas with the hockey stick is not going to survive his next video shoot.

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