Friday 5 — 2.12.2016

By Friday Five

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  1. How does content make it to the front page of Reddit? The Datastories team analyzed 4 million data points to find out. This article gives a number of practical pointers, including the value of posting images, and timing your posts for 9:00 am PST.
  2. I’m a little obsessed with my new Amazon Echo, an internet-connected speaker that lets me access news briefing, play music from Spotify, and even order an Uber without a cumbersome tap on an app. According to Quartz, the rest of the country is about to join me in this obsession.  If you buy one, be sure to read this list of known Easter eggs compiled by Reddit users.
  3. While the immersive experience of virtual reality (VR) often gets the press, 2016 may be the year augmented reality (AR) takes the spotlight. Applications around makeup and home furnishing are already in production, and products like Microsoft HoloLens and the hyper-funded Magic Leap are sure to continue the trend.
  4. Organizations embracing new digital norms undergo a great deal of change. This McKinsey article draws from current research to suggest ways small shifts in leadership — like modeling ways to contain the multitasking endemic to a digital environment — can transform a team dynamic for the better.
  5. How do you evolve the user experience of your digital product when you have an engaged and passionate customer base? Steven Sinofsky’s excellent piece on product design explains some of the challenges (see in particular: ‘Everyone’s a critic’) as well as five ways to prepare.

Weekend fun: Either fun or just terrifying: a NYC-based art project lets you sign up for a follower. Not a Twitter follower, but an actual, physical follower “within your consciousness but just beyond your sight.” Looking for something more romantic and less stalkerish? Spotify’s Love Notes feature can help you send a playlist with a secret message.

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