Friday 5 — 2.5.2016

By Friday Five

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  1. It’s been almost ten years since Watson beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, and in that decade artificial intelligence has continued to advance. This week for the first time a Google DeepMind program defeated a professional human player in Go. Interesting take on how this advance reflects an “artificial imagination” capability, and what this breakthrough implies for business.
  2. Facebook is again adjusting its news feed to show you the relevant content you are most likely to engage with. Good news for individual users, and bad news for Pages that post on autopilot — in truth, it’s an opportunity for Pages to create more content that resonates.
  3. What does it take for interactive content to become viral? According to this post on Moz blog, it’s got to be clickable, playable, shareable. Read on to learn 11 tips focused on making interactive content shareable.
  4. I was waiting for this: Brand New posted a review of the new Uber branding. Quick take: wordmark’s OK, and app icons are oddly disconnected. WIRED offers an inside look at the design process.
  5. As the next billion internet users come online, resolving the technology challenges inherent to rendering global languages is critical. For example, some languages, like Khmer, appear only as boxes in certain browsers today. The result is that we can end up with biased data, a limited view of the information available online. Read this presentation from An Xiao Mina, a product designer and researcher currently a Nieman fellow at Harvard.

Weekend fun: With Super Bowl L imminent, it’s high season for ads. Now Instagram’s new 60-second format lets us watch Drake get edited, but you can also see Jerry Rice drive for Lyft, or watch dachshunds dressed like hot dogs all day long.

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