Friday 5 — 1.29.2016

By Friday Five


  1. Snapchat is targeting users over 35, but it’s not the most intuitive interface for people familiar with platforms like Facebook on a desktop. Now the service is making it easier for users to find one another with the ability to share your user name. Need more of a primer? The Wall Street Journal explains everything you ever wanted to know about Snapchat and were afraid to ask. [paywall]
  2. Digital product development is a booming competency, with a growing body of literature advocating for different processes. Here’s an excerpt from a book with a user experience (UX) lens: How to devise innovative digital products people want.
  3. “Make this video go viral!” are the five worst words an agency or social media lead can hear. Here’s a handy rebuttal: a look at the behind-the-scenes editorial and production work involved in the success of the NYC snowboarding viral video.
  4. We are becoming a nation of digital haves and “have-mores” as some companies and sectors use new digital capabilities far more than the rest to innovate and transform how they operate. This HBR post examines how this digital disparity can lead to “winner take most” outcomes, and why private and public sector leaders should care about addressing this disparity.
  5. We all experience the problem of linkrot, the links on the web that take you to dead pages. But now site owners can do something about it. Harvard’s Berkman Center has released Amber, a free software tool for WordPress and Drupal to preserve content and prevent broken links. The plug-in takes a snapshot of the content of every linked page to ensure the original content stays available.

Weekend fun: Those still mourning the Patriots’ crushing defeat may take solace in this video devoted to a Boston accent. At least the Super Bowl ads are starting off well — if you can’t catch ’em all, start with this one.

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