Friday 5 — 1.20.2017

By Friday Five

  1. Within a week, all Slack users will have threaded messaging, an improvement designed to reduce the noise of the non-hierarchical discussions. And they spent a lot of time getting the feature design just right.
  2. Only ~3% of apps still have active users 30 days after download. Brian Solis lists 25 ways micro-moments can lead to more useful and engaging app design.
  3. Are you charged with your organization’s content marketing? Tara-Nicholle Nelson explains how content marketers prioritize engagement over clickbait, and how a customer journey map and the right metrics can set the stage for success.
  4. TechCrunch ran a useful overview of VR and AR — explaining how the technologies stacked up last year compared to projections, and listing the likely players and areas of focus for 2017.
  5. Was your household one of the many that acquired an Alexa over the holiday season? If so, check your usage against the ten most popular skills enabled on Alexa at the end of 2016. Also rising fast: This Day in History.

Weekend fun: It’s frightening enough that the robots are taking our jobs, but now they come armed with bagpipes? There’s something mildly hilarious about Pokestops at Davos.

Consumed: More meat than was sensible at Porteño. No regrets.

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