Friday 5 — 1.27.2017

By Friday Five

  1. It’s a mobile, social world, as this 2017 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social confirms. A few stats stood out: The shift of web traffic to mobile devices, the dominance of Facebook, and the hyper-penetration of mobile devices in some regions of the world.
  2. UX Matters tackles a question close to my heart: the difference between enterprise and consumer UX design. Designing for robust everyday use involves different tradeoffs, such as sacrificing new users’ ramp-up speed in favor of efficiency. The article also reiterates the time cost of poor design, a number that is notoriously difficult to quantify and communicate.
  3. Today I filled in web forms to: book a Tenement Museum, order Girl Scout cookie, and sign up for a daily Axios email. And that’s just today! Mostly, forms are terrible — here are ten best practices to improve them.
  4. What’s the best way to implement gamification to engage your audience? Graham Herril describes the fundamentals and introduces a typology — trolls, achievers, socializers, and explorers — to build a successful gaming approach.
  5. LinkedIn looks a lot like Facebook now, and Wired thinks that’s a smart move. If you’re sprucing up your LinkedIn profile for 2017, here are some useful tips.

Weekend fun: Tough times call for tough videogames, and, luckily for us, a  #cuteanimaltweetoff. Cheer up at work with an all-gif redesign of an employee code of conduct. Also, update your iOS device?

Consumed: I bento boxed at Fatty Fish with an old friend. Emphatically not recommended: Waffle House near Hartfield-Jackson.

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