Friday 5 — 1.13.2017

By Friday Five

  1. Even if you’re cooling on your virtuous New Year’s resolutions, keep the one about sending better email. Commit to designing and delivering content that will drive opens, clicks, and conversions.
  2. Is on-site search the red-headed stepchild of SEO? Claiming that 30% of visits include on-site search, this article makes the case for improved optimization, and outlines steps to take.
  3. Design plagiarism is a real problem. Maybe we can use AI to catch the culprits.
  4. We tend to think about user interfaces as well or poorly designed for all users, but new research illustrates ways extroverts and introverts may navigate interfaces differently. Usage patterns may indicate that not everybody benefits equally from the shortcuts built into modern interfaces.
  5. Should we all be switching to the Signal messaging app? Romain Aubert explains where your data is being collected in commonly used apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, and provides resources explaining why privacy matters to you — even if you have nothing to hide.

Weekend fun: Popular opinion holds that Amazon Alexa won CES this year. Here’s hoping we don’t soon lose the ability to prank our AI-powered, voice-activated overlords, here shown exploring the meaning of life. Bonus time waster: Mystery Search.

Consumed: A bowl of olive oil and salt with occasional delicious Brussel sprouts at Covina.

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