Friday 5 — 1.15.2016

By Friday Five

native app vs mobile web

  1. Mobile apps versus native web is a false dichotomy, per Luke Wroblewski. Brands need both: the former offers rich experiences, while the latter provides greater reach (including in-app browser views).
  2. We have a longstanding, love-hate relationship with email, where gratifying immediacy for the sender often means notification hell for the recipient. The Atlantic explains how we got here, why email is a cornerstone of the open web, and what may or may not be next.
  3. As we cling tenaciously to our remaining New Year’s resolutions, decluttering may still be high on your 2016 agenda. Try these tips on decluttering your digital life — it’s not as daunting as it seems.
  4. Noah Brier excerpts an article on a resolution of ditching the executive review. New ways of working transparently using tools like Slack and Trello can provide access to ideas, reinforce social accountability, and avoid the cumbersome “big reveal” of the executive review.
  5. First the Wall Street Journal did it. Then the White House did it. Organizations are turning to Snapchat to reach new audiences, particularly since the app is rumored to serve seven million mobile video views each day.

Weekend fun: Have you ever really wanted to reply to a spam email, and see how far you can take it? Luckily for us, James Veitch did.

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