Friday 5 — 1.8.2016

By Friday Five

oculus rift headset

  1. A lot of 2016 predictions, including Fred Wilson’s excellent list, mention consumer adoption of virtual reality (VR) games and apps. This week, Oculus announced a March release date and a price point just shy of $600.
  2. The New York Public Library, often a leader in digital, has released more that 187,000 digitized images in the public domain. You can filter images on range of criteria, and use them however you like. Be sure not to miss this visualization tool created by NYPL Labs.
  3. Algorithms govern what we do and don’t see on our Facebook news feeds. Slate explains how it all works, and ways your behavior plays a part.
  4. If you missed this post before the holidays, spend some time with Benedict Evans’ 16 mobile theses. Read for his insights on mobile as an ecosystem, the future of productivity, and (note to marketers) messaging as a route to customer acquisition.
  5. Even though we are sure you are sharing your Netflix password, the company’s growth (and stock price) continue to rise with new expansion into India and Russia. One of the very many things the company gets right is their responsive design: this podcast explains how they do it.

Weekend fun: We may be hurtling toward a future of self-driving cars, but for now President Obama’s chatting in a car driven by Jerry Seinfeld, and a student driver learns the ropes from Conan O’Brien and friends.

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