Friday 5 — 12.11.2015

By Friday Five

Uber Eats

  1. Uber expands into food delivery as a standalone app with the launch of UberEats. Debuting in Canada, the app will compete with existing services like Seamless and Postmates, and reflect Uber’s trademark simplicity by offering only five meal choices.
  2. You may have noticed a few changes this week to your social media feeds. Facebook now serves up relevant stories when you’re on a slow connection, and lets you compose comments while offline. Twitter has improved photo display in the timeline, and, more controversially, is experimenting with altering the sacrosanct chronological order of posts.
  3. In a digital era, organizational cultures that reinforce speed and stability have the edge. McKinsey explores how organizations can prepare themselves with structure, governance, and processes that enable agile approaches.
  4. If you struggle with addiction to your device, take comfort that the odds are stacked against you. Growth hackers and the network effect both play a part in creating appealing digital experiences that keep you coming back.
  5. Priceonomics published a 30,000-word blog post called The Content Marketing Handbook — basically, how to write something on the internet and have it spread. If you’re not up for the long read, you can sign up on the site for a six-page summary to be released soon.

Weekend fun: Chances are you have an office holiday party coming up, so check out these tips on what not to do. Arguably the worst offense in the workplace is corporate jargon, as this gamechanger rap points out.

Holiday break: Friday 5 will not publish again until Friday, January 8, 2016, a date that sounds like science fiction but is a mere few weeks away. Best wishes for a peaceful break if you can take one, and a happy and productive New Year.

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