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7 tips for digital and social event strategy


There’s a lot of apt criticism of social media snake oil salesmen — including this terrific Onion video (embedded in a good sendup of TED). But social media does deliver news, shape opinion, and forge connections in important ways. In the forging connections department, in-person events remain vital. As much as digital platforms enable you to listen to and share ideas, the value of...

Becoming better communicators


We want people to care about design as much as we do, but how can they if we speak to them in a foreign language? It’s important that, as we do with any user, we find a shared vocabulary and empower everyone else to become evangelists for our cause. — Inayaili de Leon in A List Apart with a great reminder that even if we spend all day communicating across platforms, there’s a lot to...

Techonomy recap: digital reach and repercussions


Am just beginning to digest last week’s Techonomy conference – three days packed with discussions of the impact of digital technology’s acceleration and reach. Sessions focused on technology’s transformative effects on our daily habits, our society, and even our brains themselves. There were plenty of truly remarkable examples of the improvements – from predicting elections to curing cancer...

On the web, what is the job to be done?


While the overall economy haltingly recovers, web and mobile development have resumed at full tilt. Maintenance on digital properties deferred since the 2008 financial crisis is now critical to perform. The growth in mobile device adoption and the proliferation of tablets in multiple form factors are forcing even the desktop-devoted to accelerate mobile development. Vendors are busy, RFPs are...

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