Friday 5 — 2.7.2014


Is your app addictive enough to make money? Eric Reiss lists eighteen elements to consider when gauging your app’s ability to engage and retain users. If you’re trying to see what an addictive app looks like, you could do a lot worse than Flappy Bird. This difficult game manages somehow to infuriate and retain users, raking in $50K in revenue per day in the process. QuizUp, the...

Friday 5 – 06.14.2013


Every Friday, find five quick links about compelling technologies, emerging trends, and interesting ideas. Source: the internet. Twitter quietly opened its analytics platform for general use. Now even small publishers can view and track follows, unfollows, and clicks to gauge performance of an account, and even download a CSV. Facebook embraced the hashtag. This development has been greeted by...

[Mobile] March Madness


20% of browser-based (not an app) sports content viewed during the NCAA has been on a smartphone or tablet, according to Comscore. I’ve been thinking a lot about the second-screen effect, and how watching a show on a large screen TV is now often accompanied by engaging via a hashtag on Twitter or a viewing a network’s additinal features. But there’s a lot of primary rich media experiences taking...

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