Friday 5 — 2.7.2014

By Friday Five

  1. flappy bird gameIs your app addictive enough to make money? Eric Reiss lists eighteen elements to consider when gauging your app’s ability to engage and retain users.
  2. If you’re trying to see what an addictive app looks like, you could do a lot worse than Flappy Bird. This difficult game manages somehow to infuriate and retain users, raking in $50K in revenue per day in the process.
  3. QuizUp, the delightfully addictive and competitive quiz app, has launched an iPad edition. The additional real estate will be used to surface more navigational elements, particularly those that drive social engagement.
  4. Maybe we’ll play games like QuizUp on our iPads, but have we by and large moved on from the tablet? This article posits that the pace of technology innovation is leaving tablets in the dust as phones become larger and, well, “phabulous.”
  5. Internet audio still seems like an incredibly undervalued medium. Maybe PRX’s launch of Radiotopia, a new site that aggregates the best story-driven shows on the planet, will get more people tuned in and turned on to the possibilities.

Weekend fun: Is it binge-watching or bingewatching? Should Bitcoin be capitalized as a concept and lowercased as a currency, or vice versa? Can duckface truly be one word? If these kinds of questions keep you up at night, Buzzfeed’s excruciatingly correct style guide to the words we use today is well worth reading.

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